Watt & Tarbell Undertakers 

Ghost Investigations in Tombstone, Arizona

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Wow is all I can say. This is absolutely the real deal. I was somewhat skeptical at first to be honest. I've had some weird experiences in the past that I would just be able to explain away but this is absolutely without a doubt the real deal. If you are in tombstone don't pass up the chance to go there and experience it for yourself. In fact, go there first before going anywhere else. Nothing can compare. They need their own tv show. Thank you Ms. Nora for everything. You taught me some things about myself that I didn't even know and I'm about myself in my 47 years on this planet.

I came to AZ on business in November 2018 and had GREAT Experiences!!! My A ndriod phone would take pictures and video all throughout the session whether I was holding it or let a stranger hold it.
Offered another chance to go back to AZ for business June 2019 and spent three evenings with Nora, her Residence and other ghost enthusiasts. Each night was AMAZING!!! My phone took so many videos again I ran out of storage space. I switched to an alternative video app that didn't use phone storage . Have to get my video and pictures on an SD card and send Nora to add to her collection. Thank you again so much!!! Can't say it enough... AMAZING!!!
Thank you Nora and Residence!!!
Teresa in MO

I visited Nora for many nights doing paranormal investigations in her building and I can tell you for a fact that this is the real deal. There are no tricks each person can see for themselves. I witnessed a persons hair move and get lifted up , a shirt get tugged repeatedly, head footsteps when the doors where locked and it was silenced and others heard them as well. If you are staying in Tombstone for a few days please visit Watt & Tarbell Undertakers building and sign up for an evening with Nora. You won’t be disappointed. No one was hurt, but you will know for sure life goes on somewhere.

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